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The database of vocabulary online is my sql database with UTF-8 unicode which supports all languages around the world. You can access database via internet with any devices such as desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet and smart phone. Database is not stored in your devices, so you are independent to combine usage of any devices. For example, You use desktop computer to add vocabulary to database when you are at home, then you use tablet to play games with your vocabulary while you are travelling.

You have to register to get an account for keeping your vocabulary online. Please use a real email that can send and receive mail because if you forget your password, it will be sent to this registered email.

Registered email can not be changed because it is used for login name and works as a vocabulary book.


Login with registered email and password. After login, you do not see 'Login' in menu, but you see 'Logout'.

Your nick name and number of words in your vocabulary book are shown at the upper right corner.

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Big Family Trees

It is impossible to take every relatives to the same place at the same time to get to know one another. If every family build her family tree and connect them together like fitting pieces of jigsaw together, they will get a perfect big family tree which they can share to get to know each other although they live in different cities or different countries because the family tree explains clearly who is who.

www.bigfamilies.net is tools to build family trees and connect them together to get a big family tree network.
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