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While you are reading this article, you only sweep each sentence with your eyes then you understand what is in the sentence without spelling. It happens automatically.

How long do you take to develop this skill ?

The beginning is to recognize alphabet A, B, C, D, . . . . Z. Then spell and pronounce each word. After that, you can read each sentence.

This skill is not developed within a day but years.

2 + 5 = ?
7 - 3 = ?
8 x 7 = ?
72 ÷ 8 = ?

Do you get the answers of these mathematical questions automatically when you sweep them with your eyes ?

If you have to spell and pronounce each word, you cannot enjoy reading a hundred-page novel because you waste time for spelling and pronunciation. Reading text books without spelling and pronunciation is an important skill for study. This skill allows you to pay concentration on the content of the book.

The same idea is applied to mathematics. The skill of getting answers of basic operator, +, -, x, ÷, with one-digit or two-digit operands automatically is an important skill for mathematical study . If you can do so, you do not waste time for these operations and can pay concentration on how to solve complex problem.

The objective of MathsGames is to develop mathematical skill to get answers of basic operator, +, -, x, ÷, with one-digit or two-digit operands automatically like skill to read without spelling and pronunciation.

The simple concept to develop this skill is repetition. We practice reading every day until it becomes our habit. After that, we can read and understand automatically without spelling and pronunciation. Fortunately, there are a lot of interesting material to read such as story, comic, novel etc. They motivate children to practice reading. Unfortunately, there is nothing motivate children to practice computing. Mathematical work books are boring for children.

Are there any tools for children to enjoy practice ?

MathsGames is a tool that is designed for children to develop basic mathematical skill of +, -, x, ÷. Games work as trainers. They ask questions and get answers from children. Then check the answers. If they are wrong, the right ones are shown. The right or wrong answers make different change in the events of games and cause win or lose.

Mathematical questions are created from random numbers. So the numbers change everytime you play the games. The levels of difficulty can be controled by setting the cofiguration of games. So you can config games to generate mathematical questions in any levels of difficulty according to the skill of your kids. This feature makes children practice from the simplest to the hardest.

Do not practice too long at a time because it make you tired then your concentration will decrease. To practice 10 - 15 minutes everyday is better than to practice hours once a week. It takes time to develop mathematical skill. You can not develop it within a day or a week.

Develop Addition Skills ... Click here to play Snail Game ...
A snail move from left to right to meet its lover. You can control its movement. It will move forward if your answer is right. It will not move if your answer is wrong.

How many seconds do you take to bring them to meet each other ?

Develop Subtraction Skills ... Click here to play Dolls Collection Game ...
A doll collection composes of 10 different models. You will get a new model if your answer is right and lose one in your collection if your answer is wrong. You win if you get 10 models in your collection. You lose if all dolls in your collection disappear. The objective is to collect 10 models within the shortest time.

How many seconds do you take to collect 10 models ?

Develop Multiplication Skills ... Click here to play Balloon Game ...
Times tables are a key factor that make you get product quickly. Another factor is the skill of addition. To use times tables efficiently you need to access each product in times tables independently. It is easy to access sequentially but it is no use for getting product quickly if it is accessed this way.

example: 8 x 6 = ?

To access sequentially
8 x 1 = 8
8 x 2 = 16
8 x 3 = 24
8 x 4 = 32
8 x 5 = 40
8 x 6 = 48

The above is a part of times table. Each line is added by 8 until 8 x 6 = 48. If it is accessed this way, it is not multiplication but addition.

To get product quickly, you have to access 8 x 6 = 48 directly. In order to develop this skill, Balloon Game is created. It randoms each product in times tables to test you. You have to answer immediately when a question appears. If your answer is wrong, the right answer will be shown and balloons are lower. If your answer is right, balloons move forward. Your mission is to control bolloons to shift a house to an island.

Can you accomplish this mission ?

Develop Division Skills ... Click here to play Cat Game ...
A girl and a cat fight for a bowl of gold fish. Your mission is to support the girl. if your answer is right the bowl is moved to the girl. if your answer is wrong it is moved to the cat. If the cat gets the bowl you fail, if the girl gets the bowl you succeed.

Can you accomplish this mission ?

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