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If the beginning of range is defined but the end of range is not defined, it means that the range covers from the beginning to the last vocabulary. The above example, define nuber 1 to be the beginning but not define the end. This range always covers all new vocabulary that will be added in the future because new vocabulary is always the last vocabulary.

There are 10 words in vocabulary book. Another 3 words are added in sequence 11 -13. The new words are automatically covered by this range because the open range covers to the last vocabulary (sequence number 13).

The words in sequence 11 - 13 is the same word but different meanings. So the vocabulary is the same but translations are not the same.

Games create a question using word of sequence 11 so the key that game creats for this question is 'ปัจจุบัน'. The translation of sequence 13 is also selected randomly to be a choice of answer. It seems that there are 2 valid choices for this question. However, when you select 'นำเสนอ' for your answer, games inform you that your answer is wrong because it is different from the key of this question. Games make you confuse.

To avoid issue like this, if you enter the same vocabulary with diffent meanings, please put something in note or in vocabulary to make it different.

For example, put adj., v. or n. in parenthesis beside vocabulary.

or put it in note and show it as a part of question

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